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1.    This Website uses cookies, i.e. IT data, mainly text files, which are stored in the Website user’s terminal equipment (computer, phone or any other equipment used to connect to the Website), designed for the user to browse through web pages. These files enable the identification of the user’s terminal equipment and displaying a web page matching individual preferences of the user. Cookies usually contain a name of the web page they originate from, their storage time on the terminal equipment, and unique ID.

2.    We use them to adapt the Website contents to user preferences and optimise the use of the Website. They are also used to create anonymous, aggregated statistics which help us understand how the user uses the Website, which may lead to the improvement of its structure and contents, excluding the establishment of user’s identity.

3.    Our Website uses the following types of cookies:
•      session cookies – which collect information on user activities and exist only during the session which starts by opening a web page and finishes by closing it;
•     permanent cookies – which are stored on the user’s equipment for the time defined in cookie parameters or until they are deleted by the user;
•     cookies used by Website operator’s partners, including without limitation Website users, are subject to their own privacy policy.

4.   This Website uses the following cookies:
•     Google Adwords – which are used to assess the correctness and effectiveness of an advertising activity using AdWords network services such as: remarketing, interest categories, similar recipients, other types of interest-based advertisements;
•     Google Analytics – which are used to analyse the way the Website is used. Information generated by cookies on the use of the Website will be transmitted to and stored by Google which benefits from it to assess the way the Website is used, generate reports on actions performed on website operators, and provide services relating to traffic and use of the Web.
You can prevent cookies from being installed by choosing relevant settings in your browser; however, you need to remember that this may block or impede your using of some functionalities of the Website.

5.    Cookies do not store any personal data of the user. They are not used to establish user identity, either.

6.    The Website uses cookies with user’s consent which can be expressed by choosing relevant settings of the software, in particular web browser, installed on the user’s telecommunications equipment. Standard software used to browse through web pages accepts cookies to be stored on the terminal equipment by default. However, such settings may be changed to disable automatic cookie handling in your browser settings or be notified each time they are sent to the user’s equipment. More information on the options and ways of cookie handling is available in software (browser) settings. The restriction on the use of cookies may affect some functionalities provided on the Website.

7.    We guarantee that the use of cookies is not related to the collecting of personal or private data and is virus-free. If you want to learn more about cookies, go to , and if you want to find out more on how to delete them from your browser, go to

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